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Songhees teaming up with other nations to remove derelict boats

The Songhees First Nation is spearheading a drive to take more derelict boats out of the water while providing jobs and training for other nations on the South Island.

Times Colonist: $6.85m Boost from Ottawa fro Removal of Derelict Boats

The federal government is taking aim at derelict vessels with $6.85 million from its Abandoned Boat Program, including $412,475 for B.C.

Times Colonist: Eight sunken boats lifted from area around Oak Bay Marina

Five sunken boats and big pieces of three others were pulled from the depths around Oak Bay Marina over the weekend — drawing cheers from crowds on the docks and shore as some of the wreckage emerged.

John Roe, Veins of Life Watershed: Client Spotlight

Working with staff and students from the ELC has benefited me immensely. I have enjoyed, the professionalism, the ability of understanding a concept, research skills, questions and explanation of how laws apply to our projects, reports, presentations to councils and public. These three projects will leave a legacy of conservation in our community, looking forward […]

Derelict, abandoned boats cleared from Cadboro Bay beach

It took years of pestering governments and a dozen volunteers with shovels — and a blowtorch, an excavator and massive steel bins — to rid Cadboro Bay beach of derelict boats on Saturday.

Les Leyne: Gorge waterway suffers from too many authorities

Two different stories have played out on the Gorge waterway over the past 20 years and the contrast between them couldn’t be more striking.

Reflections on an Urban Swim, and the Change One Person Can Make

It’s a late afternoon in August, and I’m swimming in Victoria’s Gorge Waterway. The sun is reflecting from downtown buildings barely 1.5 kilometres away. Pines and arbutus trees hang over the shore, a few kayakers head up the channel and about a dozen people are swimming or laying on the small public dock in Bamfield […]

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